DELIVA’s Emergency Services Platform

The emergency services platform, launched on the 3rd of March 2021, offers our users quick access to emergency services, including the police, traffic departments, ambulance services, fire fighters, search and rescue, hospitals, neighbourhood watches, vets, pest control, night shelters, safehouses, helplines, hotlines, lifelines and reporting platforms.
The emergency services section of our mobile app is sorted based on their priority and distance from the user’s current location.


The emergency services were prioritized in the following
  • 112 International Emergency Number
  • Police Services
  • Traffic Departments
  • Public, Private and Air Ambulance Services
  • Fire Brigades and Volunteer Fire Fighters
  • Mountain, Sea and Wilderness Rescue Services
  • Public, Private and Military Hospitals
  • Night Shelters and Safehouses
  • Helplines, Hotlines and Lifelines
  • Neighbourhood Watches
  • Vets and Pest Control Services
  • Reporting Services

Graphic User Interface

At the top of the emergency services screen you will find a total of six toggel switches, allowing users to quickly filter results by any of the following categories:
  • Security, which includes the police, traffic departments, neighbourhood watches, and other public protection services.
  • Fire, which includes all the fire departments, as well as volunteer fire fighters.
  • Medical, which includes all the public and private hospitals and ambulance services.
  • Rescue, which includes all the sea-, mountain- and wilderness rescue services.
  • Shelters, which includes a wide variety of safehouses, sanctuaries, and night shelters.
  • Animal, which include snake catchers and a variety of other wildlife relocation specialists.
With the economy and crime rates being what they are, we highly recommend you install the mobile appnot only to save money, but also to save lives.