Panic Button

Now that the coupon platform is available, we will focus our attention on our users’ safety and security.

Just a glimpse of global crime statistics is enough to frighten anyone. (Aljazeera, 2020; RAINN, n.d.)

As a result, we started work on our very own personal security platform – “panic button” of sorts.


Unlike most panic buttons on the market, ours will be completely portable.

Not only within the confines of your property, but almost anywhere you may go, provided that you have either, internet connectivity or cellular reception.

Emergency Contacts

The app will allow you to list up to four (4) emergency contacts, to be alerted in case of emergency.


In an attempt to ensure delivery your emergency contacts will be notified via both SMS and WhatsApp, simultaneously.

Audible Confirmation

Upon activation the user will receive an audible confirmation that the panic was successfully triggered. We do this for two reasons.

  1. To prevent the user from having to check their device to verify activation, thereby distracting him or her from imminent danger.
  2. To prevent false alarms, since the user will be alerted to accidental triggers, allowing them the timely opportunity to cancel and thereby update their emergency contacts and services.

Cancelling False Alarms

Users may accidentally trigger a false alarm by shaking or dropping their phone, at which point they will receive an audible alert notifying them of their error.

The user will then have the timely opportunity to cancel the false alarm, at which point all his or her emergency contacts will receive an update informing them of the false alarm.

Armed Response

Apart from the user’s own emergency contacts, we also intend to support existing security services, by allowing our users to subscribe to their armed response services via our platform.

Neighborhood Watches

We also intend to support the various neighborhood watches, by allowing our users and their existing members to subscribe to their services via our platform.

NOTE: This will take a huge administrative schlep off their shoulders, since our platform will not only collect their subscription fees, but also provide them with monthly membership reports and accompanying financial statements.

Police Services

Finally, we intend to provide police services with a touch screen-enabled graphic user interface (GUI) to facilitate timely alerts, effective tracking 1, and rapid response.


  1. Live tracking will only commence upon panic activation, and end upon cancellation.


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